About Us

EssentialAus has supported businesses across Australia and the Asia Pacific for over 20 years. Beginning in 2000 as a distributor of specialist lubricant products and customer retention programs supplying food and beverage, automotive and manufacturing industries.

EssentialAus quickly expanded into general procurement services and, by 2010, had developed a reputation for being an essential ’link in trade’ for domestic and international customers.

Belmore Packaging has been a highly regarded support system for manufacturing production lines and associated equipment for over 30 years, being the go-to partner for maintenance, spare parts, equipment sales, and installations.

EssentialAus partnered with Belmore Packaging in 2007, providing complimentary procurement services along with sales and servicing support. As both companies had common clients, the partnership offered additional services to their clients, which enabled support in further areas of their business to aid in optimising productivity and growth.

In 2022, the Belmore Packaging business became available to purchase. It was an obvious and seamless decision for EssentialAus to buy Belmore Packaging and continue the partnership, successfully servicing companies domestically and internationally across multiple industries.

Working with many premium suppliers and customers, EssentialAus t/as Belmore Packaging continues to offer reliable service synonymous with excellence.

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